Incorporating Media Design with Small Modern Spaces

Incorporating Media Design with Small Modern Spaces

Creating a home is not as easy as someone might think. A home is basically a place where people live. What makes it a home is that feeling that suits the people that live there. Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate that feeling of a home instead of just a house, for the media design of small spaces.

Listening Space

The sound system needs to be capable of reaching all angles of the room for the proper listening space. That range is something that must be evaluated by a professional installation person. Those types of sound systems typically offers an installation service when a purchase is made. That means a system of speakers must be placed in a way that offers the best listening space. They should be something that doesn’t distract from the room either. It is simple to do that. If the the people living in the home want a warm feel to the home, then they should buy media furniture that hides away the speakers. Warm colors are typically darker in hues. White and other lighter colors offer a cool look to the room, with the exact same effect on the feel for the room. In order to allow the sound through the furniture, some design features need to be in place. There must be a hole of some sort that allows the full range of sound out. Generally that can be achieved with a fake front to the furniture. Many media design shops have these. Plants can also be used to allow the hidden speakers for the same effect. The choice is up to the people living there, along with their budget. In general though, the “Totem Forest Speakers” or the “SIG-1.5R-30 v.3 are a both great choices as they offer a full theater sound with several finishes, at an excellent price for the quality of sound.

Size Counts

When it comes to choosing the television for that media room, the size counts. The proper viewing range must be observed for each person in the room. If a person is doing the installation themselves, then they can sit in each seat and see what works for them. Otherwise, there are professionals that can help anyone with that when they buy their television. Generally speaking though, the viewing range is measured dependent on the people that have vision issues or don’t. Any designer will ask about that when they design the media room. It will vary by the people that live there. How much money that is available will also be an issue for that. The larger the television is, the more it will cost. The “BeoVision 12” works great for a large room. It is thin and blends perfectly into any room.