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Sherman Allan Martin  

Founder and CEO Sherman Allan Martin is a conceptual thinker by design. Although he didn’t start out working in interior design, his engineering and technical background soon led him to his life’s passion. A native of Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, Allan (as he’s affectionately called) studied Information Technologies at Essex County College in New Jersey and worked in the IT field for more than 15 years.  But he always loved the feel, the shape and the colors associated with furniture and décor and knew that someday his technical background would come in handy to find his true calling. Even as a teenager, he was building his own speakers and deejaying at home. Little did he know that this would also build his love and appreciation for Home Theater Design.

After getting laid off, he moved to South Florida and left it all behind. In 2003, he began working for Roche Bobois in West Palm Beach, a high-end French furniture company, as a salesperson and soon found that his love of furniture—combined with his technical eye for creating the right look for his client base—had blossomed into a budding interior design career!

As one of the leading salesmen and designers at Roche Bobois, Allan gained the confidence and respect of his many clients due to his love of designing and being able to show his eye for detail to match his clients’ discerning tastes. Roche Bobois eventually closed in 2008 and that’s when Allan decided to strike out on his own and open his first design business called COMGI (Concept/Omni/Media/Group/Incorporated) Designs.

Allan also has worked as an advisor with ADT Security Services. He was a licensed Burglar/Fire Alarm system agent who specialized in residential and commercial property security systems. His experience with Home Theater, Interior Design and now with Home Automation and Technology has brought him full-circle to where he stands today as one of the most sought-after designers in South Florida!

In 2013, he is leading a team of interior designers, accountants, proposal writers, licensed contractors, home theatre specialists and home and security specialists in his new role as owner of Think Space, located downtown near Miami’s Design District and Brickell Banking District.


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